Yetunde & the vintage alternatives

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Who is YATVA

YATVA is short for Yetunde & The Vintage Alternatives , A Vintage Paradise, shop in shop concept. Full service under one roof . We wanted a space where everything is possible . A one stop shop for everyone and I think we achieved this .

Expect more when you visit this unique concept , location , building and interior . Mind blowing if we say so ourselves . You have to see it to believe it

Welcome to YATVA – Yetunde and The Vintage Alternatives , we are located at The Edisonstraat , This location is know for its colourful history. This is no longer the case now it is a melting pot of alternative and creative Eindhoven .

Visit The Edisonstraat and YATVA now to see the future . In the meantime, until your visit Let me introduce you to our shop in shop

Vintage shop with the largest fashion collections for men and women & Vintage Home Interior.

Hairdresser creating and styling all hair and hair types , Europeans , Afro , Asian and more

Couch Potatoes Lunchroom Cafe

Welcome to comfort food heaven and everything jacket potatoes

Couch Potatoes Pop up Restaurant & Bar

Pop up rental space for chefs and cooks . Rent your very own pop up with alcohol and Horeca Restaurant permits

Couch Potatoes Living room - Event space

Host all your private parties and business conference events and more here in a unique location and interior

Contact us

Phone: +31 (0)40 820 03 64

Edisonstraat 144
5621HT Eindhoven
The Netherlands